Te Rewa Rewa

Te Rewa Rewa Cluster refers to the mixtures of heritage located around the mouth of the Waiwhakaiho: it is the site of an important pah, the outlet of the Waiwhakaiho River to the sea and an important point in the much loved coastal walkway. Here the heritage of times past mixes with natural and human made waterways, fishing and recreation.


Tīahoaho: bearing light on the Waiw’akai’o

This innovative creative project integrated Ngati Tawhirikura awareness of the Waiw’akai’o and was projected on to the cliff face at Te Rewa Rewa pa.
Art project by Kura Puke and Stu Foster


oro awa wahi wai

oro awa wahi wai addressed the problematic state of the Waiwhakaiho River at the mouth, where duck droppings from the nearby human made lake, have made the river mouth not safe for swimming or drinking.
Video by Julieanna Preston


Under the water – video and sounds of the river

This video includes rare footage of the river taken under the water, along with the sounds the river makes under it’s surface.
Video by Sharmila Samant


The changing mouth of the Waiwhakaiho River

Two maps show how much the drainage of the Waiwhakaiho has changed – the outflow of the river mouth was once significantly further north.
By Jane Richardson


The heritage of bridges at Te Rewa Rewa

This article talks about the history of bridges over the Waiwhakaiho – it turns out there is a long heritage of interesting bridges, and the current walkway bridge is one of a number.
By Jessica Clark, edited by Ian Clothier


Whitebaiting on the Waiwhakaiho

Jessica Clark finds out about the culture of whitebaiting, by talking to six whitebaiters near the Te Rewa Rewa bridge.
By Jessica Clark, edited by Ian Clothier